Create your own Engagement Ring

Create your own Engagement Ring

Your engagement is such a big day for you that you would not like to settle for anything less than you planned it to be. The idea of engagement cannot be separated from the engagement ring. In fact, it would not be an exaggerated statement if we say that engagement and ring are synonymous with each other.

On engagement, exchange of rings is the initiation of love-relationship for it is the first official announcement of a life-long commitment between two partners. No hanky-panky is tolerated on as big an event as your engagement.

engagement-1357696_640Choosing your ready-ring from the racks is now an age-old idea. You should always go for the customized ring which serves your need best. Do not dare to point your index finger towards a ready-ring placed in a rack behind the glass. Have strong faith in your extraordinary creative skills and design the ring on your own. It would have a very pleasing effect on your fiancé-to-be, and for sure, your guests would also leave the function completely dumbfounded and awestruck if you happened to design a ring which has an aesthetic appeal.

If you think, you have to do all the operations on your own while creating your own engagement ring then, think again! All you are required to do is to choose the desired gemstone, which goes well with the engagement dress and chooses a setting in which the gemstone could be placed.

Following are the tips, which would help you greatly in designing The Perfect Engagement Ring, for The Perfect Partner.

1–    Choose a color – First things first, always begin the designing process by selecting the color of the gem. Once the color is selected, the remaining process is nothing. For, the gem color would make things easier for you by helping you with the stone. Since Emeralds are greenish, and in case, the engagement dress is green or something, you are done with your stone selection.

2–    Choose a Gemstone – Some people prefer Diamonds only while others go for Ruby or Sapphire. All these stones would cost you a huge sum of money and stay in the budget would not hurt anyone. If you cannot afford any of these gems then, there too are alternatives that cost you less than your expectation with the same results.

3–    Select the Ring/setting – From platinum to white gold, there is a long list of metals you can place your gem in. If you want to stay in the budget then silver is the best option for you, which never goes out of fashion.

4–    Carat – Apart from the steps given above, a much important step is still awaiting you. The weight of the ring is as important to determine as the gemstone itself. Some people like heavy jewelry and thus, they demand heavy ring while the vast majority of people like to keep ring lighter for the bride and a bit heavier for the groom.

There are different setting styles from where you can choose the one for your ring. Solitaire, Three stones, and Accent are some most sought-after setting styles. Designing style includes Antique, Nature, Halo, Modern, Classic and a couple of more to choose from.

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