Let us start by enlightening you on what loose diamonds are all about. A diamond, which is not set in a ring or is without any jewelry setting is known as loose diamond. One needs to be careful while making an online purchase of loose diamonds for, in an online setting, one is not provided with a luxury to touch and feel the product before finalizing the deal. Deals are different in online setting, and the catchy term for it is “virtual reality”. Virtual reality does not give you the real physical access to the product you are purchasing. So, always be cautious before laying your hands on a gem in an online setting for, All That Glitters Is Not Diamond, after all.

Given below are some useful tips to make your online purchase of Loose Diamonds easiest and reliable:

precious-1199183_6401–    Carat Weight Range – Probably the most important feature to be kept in mind is the weight of a gemstone. It should partially be determined by your budget and partially by your fiancé-to-be for he/she is the ultimate person this gemstone would belong to. Always try to find what is your fiancé-to-be’s minimum expectation is, meeting the minimum expectation is all that matters. That won’t be fair if you lay your hands on a 0.75-carat diamond if all your fiancé-to-be is expecting a 2-carat minimum. All these minute things should be discussed beforehand in order to prevent any complication afterward. Discussion before is always better than the argument later on.

2–    Shape of a Diamond – Diamonds are available in a number of shapes. From round to oval to elliptical, there is a wide range of shape you can choose from. Always keep your fiancé-to-be’s preference in your mind. Asking him/her directly would not sound good. You should better seek help from one of the best friends of your fiancé-to-be with whom he/she must have already discussed the preferences. Round shape never goes out of fashion.

3–    Cut Quality – This is one of the technical most decisions you have to confront while choosing loose diamonds. Laboratories do not offer cut grading for fancy shapes. You have to choose between different grades offered by vendors online.

4–    Color Grade – Diamond’s color has some serious effect on diamond’s price and appearance. The color of the diamond matters more than the diamond clarity.

5-    Clarity Grade – While evaluating the clarity grade, check for how clean and clear the diamond is to the naked eye. The cleaner the diamond is, more would be the price. You should end up buying the one with the lowest clarity grade, which would still be clean but saves you a lot of money as well.

6-    Fluorescence, Symmetry, and Polish – Check for all these features before finalizing a purchase,

7-    Diamond Lab Certification – AGS and GIS Certified Diamonds should be taken into consideration only while searching for loose diamonds. EGL, HRD, and IGI Certified Diamonds should not be considered because of their constant grading inconsistency.

All the best for your Loose Diamonds Online Purchase!


Buying Loose Diamonds Online

Let us start by enlightening you on what loose diamonds are all about. A diamond, which is not set in a ring or is without any […]