14/09/2016 4:42 pm

Rose Gold Engagement Ring Ideas

Rose Gold is not pure gold but an alloy, which comes into being when pure gold is mixed with copper. It appears slightly pinkish, unlike pure gold that is yellowish in color.

That blush pink color is why it is called Rose Gold. Previously, known as Russian Gold, because of its popularity in Russia, became viral in the world and started being called Rose Gold.

heart-673613_640Rose gold is a combination of three metals with varying quantities. 75% pure gold is mixed with 22.5% copper and 2.5% silver to turn it into Rose Gold. Because of the slight addition of silver, Rose Gold does not appear red but pinkish.

Rose Gold is a way more durable than pure gold. Unlike white gold, which is rhodium plated, Rose Gold doesn’t wear off and after using the jewelry article for years, you still can pass it on to the next  generations.

Trending in Popularity – More than Any Other

There are a number of reasons that make Rose Gold better than white or yellow gold. Reasons are as follow:

1-    Rose Gold is much more durable than white and yellow gold. Durability factor makes your engagement ring last longer without wearing off.

2-    It is cheaper than pure and plated gold and does not cost much for an engagement ring.

3-    It goes well with all tones of skin.

4-    It has a kind of romantic connotation with a vintage look and aesthetic appeal.

All kind of gemstones goes well with Rose Gold. Here are some splendid ideas for your Rose Gold Engagement Ring:

1-    Peacock Green Sapphire – Green sapphire along with Rose Gold setting looks amazing. If you want your guests to leave your engagement ceremony completely in awe then this combo would help you a lot.

2–    Braided Rose Gold + Diamond – This is a perfect combination for the Lady of the Evening. If you want your fiancé to feel the most important woman in your life then go for Diamonds, in case, you afford them for, there is nothing as special as a diamond ring for women. Diamonds are famous for being the woman’s best friend.

3–    Rose gold + Ruby – This combination never goes out of fashion. Ruby has some unique therapeutic powers and it helps you carve your way straight into the heart of your fiancé. So, never underestimate the value of Ruby couple with Rose Gold. Not only does it appeal to eyes but wins heart as well.

4–    Rose Gold + 3 stones Emerald – Emerald has some unique royal persona that appeals to everyone with the good sense for aesthetics. Emerald engraved in a braided Rose Gold has some special outlook, which can never be ignored by the onlookers. In addition to it, if you add two more stones on both extremes sides that would do wonders. Centrally placed emerald with two diamonds on both sides in a Rose Gold setting would make your fiancé feel out of the world kind of feeling.

By following our above-mentioned guidelines, you can make the best out of your engagement experience. Follow these ideas and Rock Your Big Day!

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